🌟The Inspiration behind “Conversation With Yahweh”

This song was born out of Luke11:1-13, Matt 6:5-15, and Psalm 145:18. Jesus disciples asked him to teach them how to pray. He said to start by hallowing the name of God. Before you can do that, you need to know him by name. God himself provided us with his personal name in Exodus 3, during his conversation with Moses, he said that is his name forever, and his memorial to all generations. If he did not want it pronounced, he would not have revealed, but he warned not to take it in vain, and Jesus said to hallow God name when praying to him. The Lord’s name is one, but when you add his attributes as seen in the bible and as manifested in your own life, you have different ways of addressing him.
Psalm 145:18 says, the Lord is near to those who calls on him, deliberating on the name of the Lord brings God’s attention upon you, cause open heaven, and envelope you with his presence Malaki 3;16-17. Conversation with YAHWEH out soon….

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