?The Inspiration behind “Unchangeable Ancient of Days (Aileyipada Arugbo Ojo)”

Unchangeable Ancient of Days (Aileyipada Arugbo Ojo)

Have you ever wondered who God is? Where did God come from? Did God really create us and everything in this world?  Then, who created God? Or gave birth to him? How long has he been in existence, and how old is He? When is he likely to die? All these questions used to be in my heart as a child, and this is where my song ,”Aileyipada Arugbo Ojo, The Unchangeable Ancient of Days,” stemmed from. Would you join me, to worship him? The Self Existent One, who existed before the days were, the Ageless Creator of time who is outside of time. The Creator of the Universe, who created everything in the beginning, and is the beginning of everything. Available on all platforms.

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